What have you learned about a country from its movies? (1) Что вы узнали о стране по её фильмам?

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I believe that every film contains a lot of information about the county where it was made. Usually films show us the great variety of cultural peculiarities about country where they came from. Personally, I have learnt many new things about different countries and their people from watching their movies.

I remember, as a child I used to enjoy watching Indian films. It was very exciting experience for a young girl who was fond of Indian songs and the national clothes. From Indian movies I learnt that the Indian culture is very rich and colorful. I found out that they are mostly romantic people who love to sing and dance. Also, it was interesting to know that there are different religions and a plethora of ethnic groups in India.

I would say that I learnt a lot not only about Indian traditions and culture from watching its films. To tell the truth, Russian movies were very educational for me too. If you watch them carefully, you will probably notice that they contain a great amount of information about Russian people and their culture. For example, I realized that Russians are incredibly honest people who like to celebrate many events with a lot of food, and of course with vodka. I learnt from Russian films about their hostility and willingness to great and meet other people. Russian movies show that all that is a big part of their traditions.

To summarize, I would say that from watching international films we are able to learn many new things about different nations. Moreover, films educate us about cultural and traditional varieties of many countries.

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