What have you learned about a country from its movies? (3) Что вы узнали о стране по её фильмам?

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As my number one hobby, movies take me to different eras, atmospheres, feelings and nations, all the before mentioned is in hand thanks to the technology available nowadays.

The film industry can be observed and digested by many angles, entertainment, documentary, science fiction, comedy or drama. The magic of taking the time to observe rather to watch a film produces a mind trip to every way the camera was filming.

Issues such as costumes, politics, ignorance, and fear need no passport while being filmed, the human condition as well as its surroundings can be captured in the memory thanks to filming and its up braking industry.

Simple daily basis activities, such as public transport, or main social principals or prejudices such as apartheid or racism, can be shown all over the world not only on a printed basis such as a newspaper, book or magazine, but by the whole image of it, not withstanding that images do say more than words, but often help to diversify the truth or the real facts of information. Close related to the before mentioned idea, stands the interpretation that producers, directors, actors and viewers make a truth of their own, but is not that the way that the world is known?

Definitely since the beginning of the film industry, the movies have showed the existence of the different, the opposed, the distant, but far away from it, movies can help to break trough intellectual, political, and cultural barriers, in order to know better our world.

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