Individual learning or group learning (3). Индивидуальные занятия или занятия в группе.

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Every student has his/her own style of studying, in which he/she finds most suitable for him/her to learn knowledge at school. Methods of studying can be classified into two major categories, namely, individual study, and group study. Personally, I would prefer to study with a group of students, and I will explain my opinion below.

The most obvious reason is that studying with a group of students can help students gain more knowledge and understand it more thoroughly. Group study offers students a chance to discuss the problems and exchange opinions with each other. In this process students can clarify their misunderstandings and strengthen their understandings of particular knowledge.

Furthermore, students will obtain more information about how to study from their fellow students, because apart from learning from teachers, students can also learn from each other through group study. Each student has his/her own strength in different areas of study. By studying together, they can communicate with each other about their methods of learning different subjects, thus each student can find the best way to learn a subject with the help of the group. Undoubtedly, involving with different people can strongly widen one"s horizon, mature one"s thoughts and enrich one"s personality.

Apart from gaining more knowledge and information, studying in a group can help students develop teamwork spirit, which is crucial for a student"s future success. No matter in school or in the real world, we often need to join efforts to finish a complicated task. For example, you can hardly find one product that is completed by one person, even by one company. Therefore, teamwork spirit that can be developed through group study at school is very important for students" development. On the contrary, students cannot learn the importance of cooperation by studying alone.

On the other hand, studying alone also has some advantages to some extent, such as quiet studying atmosphere, and a self-controlled pace. But form what has been discussed above, studying in-group carries more weight than studying alone. In conclusion, we may safely reach the conclusion that it is better to study with a group of students.

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