Individual learning or group learning (4). Индивидуальные занятия или занятия в группе.

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We as human beings have different qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. Same goes for studying. Every individual has a different way of studying, where one finds it easier to understand and comprehend the matter he/she is studying in his or her own way of learning. However, methods of studying can be classified into two major categories, namely, individual studying, and group studying.

Some people prefer group studying, because for them group studying provides them with diverse information, that is to say, that each member in the group participates and is able to provide different information on one subject.

Another reason is that if any member finds difficulty in the subject, he/she can easily discuss the problem with other group members, who will be most ready to help each other. Then there is also the aspect of division of work. For example, if students are given an assignment to complete, and if each person in a group is responsible for a different topic, then the load of work is divided among the members of the group and will eventually not burden any one person. On the contrary, many students prefer studying alone, mainly because they want to do their work on their own. Doing so really helps them, because they alone are responsible for what they are studying, and therefore are responsible for their own grades, this evolves a sense of responsibility in the student. Also, since there is no one to share their work with, they have to do all their work on their own, which again is an advantage. For example, a student who studies alone, when given an assignment, does it entirely by himself/herself. Doing so, each and every topic is familiar to the student and the entire work is a product of his/her own effort. So, if he/she gets a grade on such an assignment, the student would know what his potentials, what his strengths and weaknesses are.

I prefer to study alone, since in that way I get the proper sense of what my weaknesses are and what my strengths are. I get to improve my weaknesses. Although if I find any difficulty I cannot take help from any other person unlike students who study in groups, but then I can always ask for help from a teacher. But I believe studying on one's own is important because anyone can study in groups but when it comes to individual studying it becomes tough. And in the real world an individual is confronted with situations that a person is responsible individually. And a person can acquire such a sense of responsibility only through working on his or her own.

Thus, it can be concluded that studying alone is more effective than studying in groups. Although, the different methods of studying mostly depend on what works better for the student.

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