A house or a business (1)? Дом или бизнес?

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Faced with the question whether to buy a house or a business if I had the money, I came to the conclusion that basically the two investments have a major difference that radically influences my choice. I believe that spending the money for developing a business, despite being somewhat risky, is the more reasonable choice as it could bring with it not only eventual profits but also valuable knowledge and experiences to the person involved. In contrast, buying a real estate such as a house can only lead to future troubles and expenses.

Some people prefer to invest their money on things like houses or automobiles because they like the sense of secure and comfort that brought by such assets. But are they really as secure as they seem to be at first glance? First of all, rarely can anyone pay the whole sum for a house at once. In most cases it requires monthly payments for years as well as taxation. In addition keeping a house in a proper condition also costs a lot no matter whether it is used by the proprietors or tenants.

Second, in today's active world where people often move from place to place in search of new experiences or better career opportunities, it has become common for many young people to perceive the place where they live as a temporary hotel where one returns only for eating and sleeping. So it is enough for it to be convenient and affordable.

Investing in a business, on the other hand, is a very serious initiative and a great challenge as well. Deciding to start one's own business requires a certain sense of risk and a strong desire to succeed by improving one's skills. Specialized knowledge in the business field is very essential too. Certainly, however, no one can do all the work by him/herself. So a person who starts his/her own business will have to learn more not only about accounting or management but also learn how to hire the right professionals to manage some of the business affairs for him/her. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that it may take many years and numerous unsuccessful attempts, a business could bring very profitable results as it could grow and develop.

For all the reasons that I mentioned above, I believe that by investing my money in a business I will find many new opportunities for self-improvement and have the chance to be financially independent. Then maybe one day, when I am old and tired, I will buy my own house too.

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