A house or a business (2)? Дом или бизнес?

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If I have enough money to purchase either a house or a business, I will choose to buy a house. Having a house is good for living, for children and even for a business. Having my own house, my family can move out of the apartment where we are living now. I can decorate it just as what I want. I can fill my own house with furniture and appliances that I want. Everyday after I come back home, I can lie down in the white sofa I bought and watch a movie using the home theater system. But if I still live in an apartment, I will not be able to buy all the furniture that I want, because I know I only live there temporarily and there is not enough space for new furniture.

A new house is also good for the children. I can buy a house within a good school district, so my children can go to those prestigious schools now. And all I have to pay is just the property tax and some insurance fee. No rent for living anymore. No tuition for private schools anymore. Needless to say, Children can invite their friends over and have their party in the backyard. A house will win my children's big smile.

After purchasing a house, I still can do my business. With my own house, I can use it as a collateral to get a business loan. Now I can purchase that business. Maybe I am lucky and talented enough to run the business well and get some extra money to payoff the entire loan, and then I get both a house and a business. Maybe I am good in this business and can only pay off the loan after I sell the business, then I still get a house. Maybe I lose too much money in the business and the loaner take my house, and then nothing is different if I first chose to buy a business, because at last, I will own nothing for that bad luck.

Purchasing a house has a lot of benefits. Though buying a business can get me into business sooner, I think I do not need be so hurry because I like to enjoy the life first. So I will use the money to buy a house.

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