A house or a business (3)? Дом или бизнес?

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If I were to choose to buy either a house or a business, I would definitely select to purchase a house because of three different reasons. First, my current house is too small to fit all of our family members. Second, buying a house is a good investment because its price tends to increase over time. Lastly, I am not keen on doing my own business.

To begin with, my family is considered one of the extended family. We currently have ten people live under the same roof. Although there are enough rooms to fit all of us in the same house now, it seems to be a problem in the future since my brother is going to have a baby. Therefore, it is a good reason for me to buy a new house to accommodate our family members.

Next, a house is always a good investment since its price usually increases over time. For example, my house in Bangkok cost around 500,000 bahts ten years ago. Its price unsurprisingly doubled. In other words, it costs around 1,000,000 bahts to buy my house presently. Therefore, buying a house is a sure bet to a good investment.

Lastly, as I grew up, I realized that I was not keen on business. When taking classes in business, I usually did not feel confident. For example, when practicing a case study on running a business, I did not want to take risks. Thus, the business I ran failed. As a result, I am not sure that if I were to buy a business, it would be successful.

In conclusion, since a house would give me benefits such as providing more places for my expanding family and being a good investment, I, a person who is not keen on business, would rather buy a house rather than a business provided that I have enough money.

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