A house or a business (4)? Дом или бизнес?

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If someone were generous enough to give me sufficient amount of capital to do one of the two things, I would probably go in for purchasing a house. To me, a house is one of the best securities one can have. Besides, I would not describe myself as being particularly business-minded, so given a choice between buying a house or starting a business, a home would be more appealing to me.

I have several reasons for this choice. All my life, I have lived in rented apartments, and am aware of the difficulties that my parents had faced. The constant insecurity of being asked to move out at short notice is one problem. I have watched my parents hunt around for houses, the worry and tension that has caused to them, and finally, the relief and gradual sense of peace that settled in, when we finally managed to buy a place of our own.

Buying a house is an excellent investment, if done properly, and at the right time with respect to the market situation. Having a decent bit of property on one's hands is advantageous when there is a need for a loan during emergencies. Banks generally ask for securities, the most of common of which are houses and jewelry.

Also, a house is a source of ready money, since the market today is more often than a seller's market. If a respectable builder builds the house or building in a convenient locality, it generally fetches a good price, since these are the first two points that are considered by the buyers.

On the other hand, in today's world, with rising prices, inflation, an unstable economy, one can no longer be absolutely certain of a success in business, unless one has a sharp acumen, a sense of risk, and a true entrepreneurial spirit. A business venture cannot be started half-heartedly, just because of availability of capital. A lot of hard work and enterprise is necessary to make a success out of a business in this world of cut-throat competition. I genuinely do not believe that I am cut out for it. My field of study is science, and I am more inclined towards a career that involves research.

Finally, I would like to say that it has always been my ardent wish to have a home that I can call my own, which I can come back to after a day's work, and this thought alone is sufficient to allow me to make my decision.

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