Travelling by Sea

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Many people enjoy travelling by sea. They say it is the most pleasant means of travelling. They mean travelling by an ocean liner, which combines comfort and speed. You feel as if you are walking on good solid ground when on board the big liner. You can enjoy fresh sea air, the sights of the sea and the sky. No matter what the sea might be — calm or stormy, you feel comfortable and safe on board the big liner. But smaller ships are less comfortable, and in rough seas many passengers will be most unhappy. They get sea-sick, and then travelling by sea becomes a real torture for them.

If you have made up your mind to travel by sea you should book passage on board a modern liner. These liners are real floating cities with all modern conveniences and a wide choice of sport and entertainment facilities. Every modern liner has a number of decks with all sort of names, such as "promenade deck", "sun deck", etc. There are passenger cabins above and below deck. A cabin looks very much like a compartment of a railroad sleeping-car, but the windows are different. In a cabin they are known as portholes.

You needn't worry about your meals on board the modern liner. Restaurants4 will take care of you. In short, if you are not sea-sick the voyage will give you many moments of pleasure.

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