Social Networks. Социальные сети

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Social networks have a negative impact in the society. They atomise the society instead of uniting it. There is no need to meet in the real life to communicate when you can discuss everything in the net.

Besides anonymity has destroyed responsibility. When there is no punishment for bad deeds or words a person gets insolent. In the pre-internet times here in Russia one would get a headbutt or a nice punch in the face for "wrong" words.

Social networks also cherish idleness. Young people mostly have way too much free time, and being lazy they spend it in the net or playing video games instead of going, let's say, in for some sports.

Poor education and poor upbringing stemming from the obsession of social networks have become two major problems today. People are not taught to think critically. They are not taught to read serious books because they are thought to be boring and thus they are not able to produce a finalised thought or to present it to the public as the "newspeak" is a very poor instrument for that.

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