Emissions. Выбросы и их роль в экологии и экономике

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It can sound rather surprising but in our time the level of carbon emissions has become a marker of country’s economic development since the more fossil fuels are burnt by the factories, plants and cars the more carbon dioxide is emitted into the air. However, a great problem is in the fact that emissions are produced by the rich countries while the consequences of these emissions are felt mainly in the poor ones. Recurrent storms, tsunamis and hurricanes devastate the shores of such countries as Haiti, Maldives, Kiribati, Indonesia and Bangladesh causing huge losses and throwing them into the abyss of poverty. Today tropical storms caused by climate changes are named among the most essential factors of impoverishment.

It is true that carbon dioxide was always present in our atmosphere, but until present its amount was not threatening since it was absorbed by the plants and trees. With the development of industry people ruined biological balance and the excess of carbon dioxide caused the increase of overall temperature on the planet and this increase, in its turn, led to global climate changes including such dangerous phenomena as superstorms, floods, droughts, and tsunamis. These natural disasters bring food reduction and total poverty.

The facts mentioned above made many scientists and experts such as Dani Rodrik, Kevin Trenberth and Madeleine Rubinstein voice their opinion according to which rich countries such as the USA should reduce the level of carbon emissions in order to slow down global warming and its negative consequences. It should be mentioned that without this reduction our planet is endangered and no part of the world is protected against natural disasters. We believe that superstorm Sandy that hit the USA on October 31, 2012 is the best proof of this assertion.

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