London. Лондон

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The foundation of London dates back to the time when the Roman invaders found a small Celtic settlement on the river Thames and turned it into a sizeable port and important trading centre.

London dominates British life. It is the main centre of the nation’s commerce, finance and legal system. This city is famous for the greatest possibilities for entertainment and sport in the country. Every year London is visited by crowds of tourists from home and abroad as it is full of interesting and enjoyable places to explore: historic buildings, museums, galleries, streets, squares and parks.

There is one address in London that the whole world knows – 10 Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives in a quiet, unimpressive house.

The Bank of England, the central banking institution of the country, is situated in the City of London, which is the centre for money matters. Fleet Street stands for the newspaper industry as it used to be full of newspaper offices.

To get an impression of London, it is worth while seeing its numerous tourist attractions.

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