House Swapping. Обмен домами

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Dear Sister,

Thank you so much for your letter in which you tell me how are all of you at home. Also as you’ve written that you want to know more about my experience of house swapping, I’m going to describe you everything in details.

To begin with, I’d found a small cottage in England two weeks before Christmas. I’m still so glad of that we easily got on well with its owner, Iris, and quickly decided to exchange our homes. So by next day, I’d already been at my new home.

Then, my accommodation was so lovely and attractive. It was a two-stored made from stone house with a gabled roof, two chimneys on its both sides, entrance white panel doors and French windows. It had a large area around. There were a lot of plants, trees and bushes that one will exactly like as soon as he comes into the yard. There was also a forest nearby, in a few minutes to walk. Outside the house was surrounded with a wooden fence.

Talking about the interior, I must mention compact and cozy rooms with all conveniences. The bedroom seemed to me quite comfortable. Also I much liked a bathroom with its small tub and dark colour scheme. But mostly liked were kitchen with all modern supplies and a fireplace in the living-room. In other words, everything needed was close at hand.

Coming to personal impressions, I just was excited with all I’d got. Firstly, people were friendly and pleasant to communicate with. Secondly, the house was warm and cozy. By the way it was tidy that’s why I liked it much more after I’d moved into. And then, the main gift I’d received from this trip – was and is Graham. Frankly speaking, I had no intention to fall in love with someone so fast, still having a broken heart but he became an exception. That’s why I remain to be overwhelmed and apparently grateful for this “house-exchange”.

Besides, there are a lot of things that I’ve benefited after all. On the one hand, what I understood exactly is – if you want to change your surrounding or circle of people, do it as soon as possible. It’ll always be the best way to realize and comprehend everything you have. On the other hand, no less significant, take risks. You never know how happy you can be until you make a step towards. And the last, I’d learnt to be more loyal, sincere and kind.

To conclude, I want to say that house swapping is worth to try. In any cases, either a usual journey or a trial to hide from circumstances and people – exchanging of your dwelling will bring a useful evidence to you. That’s why I highly recommend it.

Give my regards to everyone,

Your Amanda.

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