Invitation to dinner. Приглашение на обед

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Invitation to dinner. Приглашение на обед

A: Hello, here is John Snow. May I speak to Frank Butler?

B: Hold the line, please...

A: This is Butler.

B: Hello, Frank. How are you?

A: No complaints. Thanks. How is life treating you?

B: Fine. Thank you. Are you engaged on Saturday?

A: No, I am not. Why?

B: I want to invite you and your wife Helen to come and dine with us. We shall be delighted.

A: Thank you for the invitation. What’s the occasion?

B: It will be my wife’s birthday.

A: We will be pleased to come.

B: Do you know my address?

A: Sure. What time do you want us to come?

B: We expect you at 7 p. m.

A: All right. Till Saturday. Good-bye.

B: Good-bye.

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