Greetings. Приветсвие

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Greetings. Приветсвие


A: Good morning, Mike!

B: Good morning, Bob!

A: How are you?

B: Fine. Thank you! How are you?

A: Very much the same. Thanks.


A: Good afternoon, Miss Lark!

B: Good afternoon, Mr. Morgan!

A: How is life?

B: No complaints. Thank you. How are things with you?

A: Nothing to boast of.


A: Good evening, Mrs. McArthy!

B: Good evening, Mr. Wiler! How is life treating you?

A: Life is going its usual way. How are you getting on?

B: I am going fine. Thank you.

A: Glad to hear it.


A: Hi, Helen!

B: Hi, Robert!

A: It’s a long time since I saw you last. Where have you been all this time?

B: I have just returned from Canada.

A: Was it a business trip?

B: Exactly.

A: I hope it was successful.

B: Oh, yes! One of the best.


A: Good evening, Ronald!

B: Good evening, Martin! You look upset. What’s the matter?

A: I’ve left the key to my office at home.

B: Take it easy. I’ll try to help you.

A: It will be very kind of you.

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