Winter holidays. Зимние каникулы

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Winter holidays. Зимние каникулы

A: Hi, Nick!

B: Hi, Sam!

A: How are you?

B: I am fine, and you?

A: I am fine too. Especially because of the holidays we are having.

B: It is so good to have holidays in winter. I like them most of all.

A: Really? And what do you do during these holidays?

B: I go skiing and skating. Besides it is so fun to sledge with my friends during frosty days.

A: Where do you sledge?

B: There is a big hill near my house and I can spend there all day long. It is so funny. If you want you can join me and we will sledge together.

A: Oh, thank you for your invitation. I will definitely come because I like to sledge so much. When shall we meet?

B: Let’s meet tomorrow at 11 o’clock. Is it ok by you?

A: Definitely!

B: So, see you tomorrow.

A: See you!

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