Christmas Shopping. Рождественские покупки

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Christmas Shopping. Рождественские покупки

A: Hi! What a lucky chnace! It's such a pleasure to see you.

B: Likewise.

A: What are you doing here in London?

B: Well, I needed some change from my everyday routine. Besides, it's high time for Christmas shopping.

A: Have you managed to find anything to your liking?

B: Lot's of things. I've bought a charming kerchief for my granny, designer jeans for my husband and a gorgeous shawl for my sister.

A: Have you purchased anything for yourself?

B: Definetely, I've bought some jewellery.

A: Have you made a fortune or what?

B: In fact, I've been promoted and I have higher wages.

A: Oh, my congratulations.

B: Thanks, dear. What about a cup of coffee and some cherry pie at the nearby cafe?

A: It's a wonderful idea. I can't say "No". Let's go.

B: Let's.

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