Checking into the hotel. Регистрация в отеле.

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Checking into the hotel. Регистрация в отеле.

Checking into the hotel

A: I have a reservation. My name is John Sandals.

B: May I see your ID, please, Mr. Sandals?

A: Certainly. Here it is.

B: Thank you. Do you have a credit card, Mr. Sandals?

A: Yes, I do. Do you accept American Express?

B: Sorry, sir, just VISA or MasterCard.

A: Here's my VISA card.

B: Okay. You're in room 507. It's a single queen-size bed, spacious, and nonsmoking. Is that suitable?

A: Yes, it sounds like everything I expected.

B: Here's your key, sir. If you need anything, just dial 0 on your room phone.

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