Shopping for Food. Покупка еды

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Shopping for Food. Покупка еды

Grocer: Hello, Ann, how are you doing today?

Ann: Fine, thanks. How are you?

Grocer: I am okay, thank you. What can I get for you, Ann?

Ann: I 'd like half a pound of butter, a pound jar of straw¬berry jam, a large bottle of vinegar and a tin of sardines.

Grocer: Will that be all?

Ann: No, I'd also like a small-sized packet of mushroom soup and a piece of smoked bacon.

Grocer: Will this do? It's all we have at the moment, I'm afraid.

Ann: No, it's much too fat. I wanted it leaner. I think I'd better take some ham instead. How much is it?

Grocer: Eighty pence a pound.

Ann: Good. Half a pound, please. That'll be all. How much does it come to?

Grocer: Five pounds thirty seven pence, please.

Ann: Right. Here is six pounds.

Grocer: And here is your change.

Ann: Thanks.

Grocer: Good-bye, Ann. Thank you. Come tomorrow, we'll have a new stock.

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