Summer Holidays. Летние каникулы

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Summer Holidays. Летние каникулы

A: Hi, Alex ! Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

B: A lot! I had the time of my life.

A: What did you do? Did all your plans come true?

B: Yes, in June I ate a lot of berries, in July I visited my relatives abroad, in August I realized my dream.

A: How exciting! What was your dream?

B: I learned to roller-skate, and now it is one of my favourite activities. How did you spend your holidays?

A: Well, nothing to boast of. My parents worked all summer, so I had to stay in town. But you know, it was also interesting. I rode a bike every other day and made friends with a girl from England.

B: It’s great! Oh, I forgot, I have a present for you!

A: What a nice surprise. Thank you.

B: My pleasure.

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