Shopping for Clothes (Jeans). Покупка одежды (джинсы)

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Shopping for Clothes (Jeans). Покупка одежды (джинсы)

A:Would you like me to help you with anything?

B: Oh, it’d be nice. I’m looking for a new pair of jeans. Could you, like, guide me through the store?

A:Sure, the jeans are over there. What style are you interested in? Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans? Regular fit, close fit, loose fit? We’ve got every option on the list.

B: Actually, I was thinking of getting a pair of simple black skinny jeans. You know, the classic 5-pocket style ones. But the more I look at all of these models, I feel like trying something more interesting. Loose straight ones seem nice.

A: What color would you prefer? I must say, vintage light blue wash is trendy right now.

B: Well, I think I’m going to trust you with that.

A: What about more specific details?

B:Oh, first and foremost, only high-waisted ones compliment my body shape. Secondly, I’d like the jeans to have no rips or rhinestones. Also, I’d like the jeans to be ankle-length and wide-leg. Zip fly would be great as well but it’s not that important.

A: So, you can go this way to the changing rooms and I’ll present you with the best models in a second. And most importantly, what size do you always wear?

B: I tend to go with size 29 but this time I’d like the jeans to fit me a little loose so, like, size 30 would do.

A:Got it, let me see what we’ve got for you.


B: So, what do you think about these jeans?

A:Oh, it seems to me that we’ve found your perfect fit! It hugs you so well and defines your curves to your advantage. I’d definitely choose these jeans over those you tried earlier.

B: Yeah, I love them too but have you got a larger size? I’d prefer a looser fit in my hip area.

A: Of course, wait a minute.


B:That’s it. Now everything is the way I wanted it to be. I’m going to buy these jeans.

A:Great! Come to the register. How would you like to pay?

B:By credit card.

A: It’ll be 82 dollars.

A: Here’s your receipt and your card. Thank you for the purchase.Have a good day.

B:Have a good one yourself!

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