Checking out of the hotel. Выезд из отеля.

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Checking out of the hotel. Выезд из отеля.

A: Good morning. May I help you?

B: Yes, I’d like to check out now. My name’s Adams, room 312. Here’s the key.

A: One moment, please, sir. ... Here’s your bill. Would you like to check and see if the amount is correct?

B: What’s the 14 pounds for?

A: That’s for the phone calls you made from your room.

B: Can I pay with traveller’s cheques?

A: Certainly. May I have your passport, please?

B: Here you are.

A: Could you sign each cheque here for me?

B: Sure.

A: Here are your receipt and your change, sir. Thank you.

B: Thank you. Good-bye.

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