International transfer. Международный перевод

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International transfer. Международный перевод

A: Hello. Can I help you, ma´am?

B: Yes. Could you tell me how to send some money to someone with an account with a bank in Germany?

A: Well, you can pay by mail, telegraphic or SWIFT transfer. Or you can have a banker´s draft and mail it yourself to the beneficiary.

B: Which is the best way?

A: It depends on the amount and how fast you want that person to receive the money. A SWIFT transfer is the fastest method but a banker´s draft is usually the cheapest. How much do you wanna send?

B: $800.

A: Why don´t you send it by mail payment order?

B: How long does it take?

A: About a week.

B: I don´t know. Can I send it more quickly?

A: Sure. You can have a Telegraphic or a SWIFT transfer.

B: And how long do those take?

A: Both a Telegraphic Transfer and a SWIFT transfer will normally be credited to the payee´s account within three or four working days, depending on whether the beneficiary´s bank is among our correspondent banks or we have to route the transfer through a third bank.

B: I see. How can I pay by Telegraphic Transfer?

A: You have to fill out this form, ma´am.

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