Oxford Picture dictionary 2nd edition.

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Oxford Picture dictionary 2nd edition.

Автор:Goldstein J., Shapiro N.




The Oxford Picture Dictionary, Second Canadian English Edition is an illustrated, theme-based dictionary for second-language learners. This four-colour dictionary defines words through pictures, and presents each new word in context. The OPD, along with its workbooks and many other components, can be used as a reference book or as text for high school or adult ESL students at the beginner level. For years, the first Canadian edition of the OPD has been the industry leader among picture dictionaries. The second edition expands on the topics covered, providing more depth of vocabulary in the areas that matter most to students. The illustrations have been completely updated in a more realistic style that is visually appealing to adult learners. The second edition also contains two new features: Introductory Pages and Story Pages. The Introductory Pages have been added to the beginning of each theme to give lower-level students a basic overview of key vocabulary words, and to give a starting point for discussion and an introduction to the theme for more advanced students. The Story Pages consist of a two-page spread at the end of each theme to help students use the words in context and practise their reading skills. The OPD is designed for use both in and out of the classroom. Speaking exercises are presented throughout the OPD to allow students to practise new vocabulary in pairs or small groups, while the pronunciation guide in the index allows students to check their pronunciation when they are studying on their own.

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