An Informal Letter. Неформальное письмо.

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Your address            The date

Hi ... , / Dear... ,

Ask your friend some introductory questions.
How are you? I hope the summer job is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday?

Paragraph 1
Describe where you are (the place / the weather).
Anyway, we're camping in the Isle ofSkye. We're staying on a campsite ...It rained every single day.

Paragraph 2
Say what you are doing.
Luckily, we didn't come here for the nightlife! Actually, there isnt... We go walking every day and yesterday ...

Paragraph 3
Mention the people in the group.
Were's some news for you about the group. Tom .

Make up an excuse to stop writing.
Well, I must finish - it's my turn to cook tonight. Write back soon.

Signing off
Say goodbye and sign your name.
All the best, / Lots of love, Janet


Dear Sonia,

How are you? Very well, I hope. I'm sure my dog remembers going for walks in the park with you - he barks when I say your name!

Anyway, I'm writing because there's only a month to go before I come to visit you. Maybe you can give me some advice so that I'm fully prepared.

First, what sort of present should I bring for your parents? I'd also like to buy you a CD. So can you help me out? I know you like Queen, but I don't know which albums you've got. Finally, what sort of clothes shall I bring? Will we be going anywhere special such as a party? Shall I bring anything formal?

Well, I have to go now as I've got to study for a maths exam. Please write back soon and let me know. I'm really looking forward to coming!

Lots of love, Suzanne

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