Present Perfect

нравится 22 не нравится

 Rewrite these sentences with the correct time adverbial in the correct place.

Перепишите предложения, употребляя нужное наречие из поданых в скобках.
1    Have you been to Paris? (ever/never)

Пример: Have you ever been to Paris?
2    Look, your brother has come in. (usually/just)
3    I have tried to read War and Peace but I always stop because it's difficult. (usually/often)
4    We have visited the Czech Republic. What's it like? (sometimes/never)
5    Peter has given me his homework on time . (sometimes/never)
6    Have you been to the cinema with Tom? (ever/ just)
7    I haven't used that computer so I don't know what to do. (never/ever)
8    They have done the homework. Here it is. (already/yet)
9    They haven't done the homework. It's for next week. (already/yet)
10    I've worked here ten years, (since/for)
11    I've worked here 2000. (since/for)
12   I've worked here. (all my life/since)

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