Future Tenses №3

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Выберите правильный вариант:

 Next Saturday, Daisy 1) is flying/flies to Paris for a business meeting. Her secretary has already booked the flight. The plane 2) will leave/leaves at nine o'clock in the morning and one of her business clients 3)    will have met/will be meeting her at the airport when the plane lands. She doesn't know how long the meeting will last, but she 4) will have returned/will have been returning home by Thursday evening.

   Florence 1) is going to become/will be becoming a doctor when she finishes medical school. She thinks she 2) will probably work/will have probably worked in a hospital for most of her career. This time next month, she 3) will have revised/will be revising hard for her exams. By the time she gets her degree she 4) will have been studying/will have studied medicine for five years. Florence hopes she 5) will have passed/will pass all the exams with excellent grades

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