Adjectives and Adverbs. Degrees of comparison. №2

нравится 29 не нравится

Отройте скобки, используя прилагательные и наречия в нужной форме:

1 A:Did you enjoy the film?
  B: Yes. It was ...the funniest..(funny) film I've ever seen.

2 A:James is very tall.
   B:Yes. He's ..... (tall) boy in our class.

3 A: Was it a good party?
   B:Yes. I left .... (late) than I had intended to.

4 A: Did you like the black dress?
   B: Yes, but it was  ....(expensive) than the blue one.

5 A: Why do you want to go to Spain?
   B: Because it's much .. (warm) than England.

6 A: Do you enjoy your job?
   B: Oh, yes. It's ..... (good) job I've ever had.

7 A: If you need any ......(far) help, just ask me.
   B:Thank you. That's very kind of you.

8 A: My teacher is very clever.      
   B: Yes. She's ...... (intelligent) woman I've ever met.

9 A: Dinosaurs were .....(big) than houses.   
   B: I know. They were enormous.

10 A: How much did you pay for that bag?
    B: £5. It was ......(cheap) one I could find.

11 A: That exam was really difficult.   
     B:I agree. It was a lot .....(difficult) than I had expected.

12 A: Have you heard James playing the piano lately?
     B:Yes, but he doesn't seem to be getting .....    (good).

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