Adjectives and Adverbs. Degrees of comparison. №2

нравится 31 не нравится

Отройте скобки, используя прилагательные и наречия в нужной форме:

1 A:Did you enjoy the film?
  B: Yes. It was ...the funniest..(funny) film I've ever seen.

2 A:James is very tall.
   B:Yes. He's ..... (tall) boy in our class.

3 A: Was it a good party?
   B:Yes. I left .... (late) than I had intended to.

4 A: Did you like the black dress?
   B: Yes, but it was  ....(expensive) than the blue one.

5 A: Why do you want to go to Spain?
   B: Because it's much .. (warm) than England.

6 A: Do you enjoy your job?
   B: Oh, yes. It's ..... (good) job I've ever had.

7 A: If you need any ......(far) help, just ask me.
   B:Thank you. That's very kind of you.

8 A: My teacher is very clever.      
   B: Yes. She's ...... (intelligent) woman I've ever met.

9 A: Dinosaurs were .....(big) than houses.   
   B: I know. They were enormous.

10 A: How much did you pay for that bag?
    B: £5. It was ......(cheap) one I could find.

11 A: That exam was really difficult.   
     B:I agree. It was a lot .....(difficult) than I had expected.

12 A: Have you heard James playing the piano lately?
     B:Yes, but he doesn't seem to be getting .....    (good).

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. the funniest
  2. the tallest
  3. later
  4. more expensive
  5. warmer
  6. the best
  7. further
  8. the most intelligent
  9. bigger
  10. the cheapest
  11. more difficult
  12. better

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