Article №2

нравится 33 не нравится

Выберите правильный вариант:

1    Catherine loves cats/the cats.
2    Look at cats/the cats! They are chasing a bird.
3    I don't like coffee/the coffee, but I like tea/the tea.
4    You cut the cake/cake and I'll pour coffee/the coffee.
5    Life/The life will be very different in the future.
6    Life/The life of a mayfly is extremely short.
7    I enjoy swimming/the swimming in the sea.
8    Children/The children usually like playing games.
9    Children/The children have gone to the park.
10    All people/the people in this room are my relative .
11    All people/the people should have freedom of speech.
12    Villages/The villages in this part of the country are very beautiful.
13    Breakfast/The breakfast is the most important meal of day/the day.
14    Paul was only/the only person who remembered me.
15    In Stone Age/the Stone Age, people lived in caves.
16    I would like to travel to Spain/the Spain.
17    We travelled to London by train/the train.   
18    He is learning to play flute/the flute.

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