Pronouns №2

нравится 6 не нравится

Выберите правильную форму местоимения:

1 Despite her parents complaints, she decided to live by ___ in New York City.
A: her
B: herself

2 If you happen to see your parents this weekend, give ___ my best regards.
A: him
B: her
C: them
3 I can't understand ___ when she speaks German with ___ .
A: her, me
B: him, me

4 He should be ashamed of ___ .
A: himself
B: him

5 Mary was worried about the children, so she convinced ___ husband not to accept the job abroad.
A: his
B: her

6 We came across a friend of ___ at the mall yesterday.
A: ours
B: us

7 I can't find ___ pencil. Can I use ___ , Mary?
A: my, yours
B: mine, your

8 I cut ___ when I was peeling the potatoes.
A: me
B: myself

9 This house is too expensive for ___ . We can't pay such a high rent.
A: us
B: we

10 Each plan has ___ merits.
A: it
B: its

11 He ___ said so.
A: hisself
B: himself

12 I do my work and they do ___ .
A: their
B: theirs

13 Give it back to ___ . It's ___.
A: me, mine
B: me, my

14 Despite ___ old age, he is very active.
A: his
B: its

15 They enjoyed ___ a lot at the cocktail party.
A: theirselves
B: themselves

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