Modal Verbs №3

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Перефразируйте предложения, используя модальные глаголы:

1  You had better ask your teacher to help you with your studies.
    You ought to/should ask your teacher to help you with your studies.

2  Can you hold this bag for me, please?
3  Why don't we go for a picnic this weekend?
4  It wasn't necessary for John to go to work because it was Sunday.
5  We managed to do the puzzle, although it was difficult.
6  You are to report to the manager as soon as you reach Manchester.
7  You are forbidden to enter this area.
8  Do you mind if I take this chair?
9  You don't need to feed the dog. I've already done it.
10 You ought to have locked the doors when you went out.
11 I strongly advise you to take legal action.
12 We are supposed to obey the law.

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