Reported Speech №1

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Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:

1    Robert said,' This film is very funny'.
...Robert said (that) the film was very funny...

2    'I'm starting a new job next week,' she said.
3    'I got my exam results last week,' he told them.
4    'I can't afford to buy this dress,' said Sally.
5    'I would buy a car if I had enough money,' he said to her.
6    Frank said, 'That's the house where I was born.'
7   ' That was a wonderful party,' said Jill.
8    'Oranges grow in hot countries,' the teacher says.
9    'A lot of people visit museums,' he said.
10    'This is a very famous statue,' the tour guide told us.
11    'I don't like that jacket,' said Bob.
12    'I'm lost,' the boy said.
13    'I may be a little late this evening,' she said.
14    'You'd better clean up this mess,' Mum said to Claire.
15    'I've already done the shopping,' she said.
16    'I found this note under the sofa,' said Sue.
17    'I won't be late again,' he said to us.
18    'If I finish work early, I'll call you,' she said.
19    'I've been training hard recently,' he told the reporters.
20    'Shall I make some tea?' said Zoe.
21    'We must go home now,' said the man to his children.
22    'Those are the boys who chased me,' Sarah said.
23    'I'm going to a party tonight,' Lynne told her friends.
24    'I used to have long hair,' Laura said.
25    'There is too much violence on TV,' says Grandad.
26    'You ought to make a decision soon,' Andrew told her.

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