Reported Speech №2

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Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:

1    'What is your name?' he asked me.
...He asked me what my name was....

2    'Where are your parents?' Uncle Bill asked us.
3    'Will you help me carry the box, please?' Dad asked.
4    'What time will you be home?' Mum asked me.
5    'Can you play the guitar?' he asked her.
6    'Who was at the door?' David asked Janet.
7    'Where is the post office?' they asked us.
8    'When will you do your homework?' Meg asked me.
9    The boss asked me, 'Have you finished those reports?'
10    John asked Sam, 'Do you like computer games?'
11    'Will you give me a lift to work, please?' he asked her.
12    'Where is your jacket?' she asked him.

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