Reported Speech №2

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Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:

1    'What is your name?' he asked me.
...He asked me what my name was....

2    'Where are your parents?' Uncle Bill asked us.
3    'Will you help me carry the box, please?' Dad asked.
4    'What time will you be home?' Mum asked me.
5    'Can you play the guitar?' he asked her.
6    'Who was at the door?' David asked Janet.
7    'Where is the post office?' they asked us.
8    'When will you do your homework?' Meg asked me.
9    The boss asked me, 'Have you finished those reports?'
10    John asked Sam, 'Do you like computer games?'
11    'Will you give me a lift to work, please?' he asked her.
12    'Where is your jacket?' she asked him.

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. He asked me what my name was.
  2. Uncle Bill asked us where our parents were.
  3. Dad asked if/whether I would help him carry the box.
  4. Mum asked me what time I would be home.
  5. He asked her if she could play the guitar.
  6. David asked Janet  who was at the door.
  7. They asked us wrere the post office was.
  8. Meg asked me when I would do my homework.
  9. The boss asked me if/whether I had finished those reports.
  10.  John asked Sam if/whether he liked computer games.
  11. He asked her if she would give him a lift to work.
  12. She asked him where his jacket was.

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