Some/any/no и их производные №1

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Дополните диалог, используя нужные местоимения:

Bill has lost his keys

A: There is 1) nothing/something more annoying than losing 2) something/anything.

B: What have you lost?

A:My keys. They must be 3) anywhere/somewhere in the house, but I've got 4) no/any idea where. I can't find them 5) nowhere/anywhere.

B: Are you sure you haven't left them 6) somewhere/nowhere by mistake?

A: Of course not. They can't be 7) somewhere/anywhere else but here. 8) No one/Someone must have hidden them.

B: Why would 9) no one/anyone hide your keys? There is 10) any/no reason for 11) anyone/no one to do 12) nothing/something so silly.

A: Well, I need 13) some/any help to find them. I have to go 14) anywhere/somewhere important this afternoon.

B: Calm down. It's 15) some/no use getting angry about 16)anything/something like this. Look! There are 17)no/ some keys on that chair.

A: They're mine! Oh, I feel so silly!

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