Subjunctive Mood.Would rather №1

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Переделайте предложения, используя структуру would rather:

Пример: 'You’d better phone Judy'.'No, you phone her.'- I’d rather you phoned her.

1. 'Let’s talk things over.' 'No, let’s talk tomorrow.'
2. 'I’ll phone Sue.' 'No, don’t.'
3. 'Shall I come at 9?' '10 would be better.'
4. 'I’ll cook tomorrow.' 'Tonight would be better.'
5. 'Can she work with you?' 'Why doesn’t she work with Maggie?'
6. 'Ask that policeman.' 'You ask him.'
7. 'Mark wants to go out.' 'I’d prefer him to stay in.'
8. 'Can they use our sheets?' 'It would be more convenient if they brought their own.'
9. 'The government wants to cut taxes.' 'It would be better if they do something about the homeless.'

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. I'd rather we talked the things over tomorrow.
  2. I'd rather you didn't phone Sue.
  3. I'd rather you came at 10.
  4. I'd rather you cooked tonight.
  5. I'd rather she worked with Maggie.
  6. I'd rather you asked the policeman.
  7. I'd rather Mark stayed in.
  8. I'd rather they brought their own sheets.
  9. I'd rather the government did something about the homeless.

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