Subjunctive Mood. But for....

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Перефразируйте предложения, используя констркцию but for:

Pattern: It began to rain and we didn’t go for a walk.
But for the rain we would have gone for a walk.

1. He wants to go fishing but he has a bad cold.
2. He could not see the play as he had some  work to do.
3. She was not alone in the house. Her husband lay asleep in his room after the night shift.
4. I don’t want to tell you this. But I promised to.
5. In the end he went to see the doctor. His wife made him to.
6. He didn’t die. The operation saved him.
7. We didn’t have a very good time after all. The weather was too bad.
8. It was impossible to read the inscription in the dark. Then he remembered he had a torch.
9. He has the makings of a good teacher but he has a slight defect of speech.
10. Of course I want to help you. But I’ve a conference today.
11. He had a good guide so he managed to climb the mountain.
12. It was only because the ice was so good that she could set a new record.
13. I could do it all in so short a time only because of your kindness and understanding.
14. You can’t do it only because of a certain lack of concentration.

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