Subjunctive Mood. Conditionals. Mixed Type.

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Перефразируйте предложения, используя условные предложения смешанного типа:

Pattern: She didn’t study hard. She won’t pass the exams.
If she had studied hard she would pass the exams

1.You didn’t wake me up. Now I’m late for my appointment.
2. She isn’t well-qualified. She didn’t get the job.
3 We didn’t go to the restaurant. We don’t like fast food.
4. She didn’t bring her umbrella. Now, she’s getting wet.
5. I don’t know them very well, so I didn’t go to the party.
6. He isn’t at the lecture because he wasn’t told about it.
7. They didn’t take a map with them. They’re lost now.
8. The driver isn’t careful. He crashed his car into a wall.
9. I didn’t buy tickets. We can’t go to the theatre tonight.
10. He didn’t reserve a table. He has to wait for an hour.
11. Sue forgot to go to the bank. Now she can’t go shopping.
12. They missed the flight. They won’t arrive until tomorrow.

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