Subjunctive Mood. Wish №1

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Дополните предложения, открывая скобки:

1. I didn’t learn to play any instrument when I was at school. I wish I (learn ) to play the guitar.
2. I’m over six feet. I wish I (grow) so tall.
3. He is such a bad driver. I wish he (be) given a driving licence.
4. I can’t cook. I wish I (can) prepare a family dinner for twelve people.
5. We get invited to parties all the time. We wish we (be) so popular.
6. I decided to study law. I wish I (become) a solicitor.
7. This car is fantastic. I wish I (have) a similar one.
8. This walkman was very cheap and it broke down at once. I wish I (buy) it.

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. had learned
  2. had not grown
  3. had not been given
  4. could
  5. were not
  6. became
  7. had
  8. had not bought

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