Subjunctive Mood. Wish №2

нравится 15 не нравится

Перефразируйте предложения по образцу, используя структуру I wish...:

Pattern: I'm sorry I haven't got a washing machine. – I wish I had a washing machine.

1. I'm sorry I don't live near my work.
2. I'm sorry our garden doesn't get any sun.
3. I'm sorry I called him a liar.
4. I'm sorry I don't know Finnish.
5. I'm sorry I didn't book a seat.
6. I'm sorry I haven't got a car.
7. I'm sorry I can't drive.
8. I'd like Tom to drive more slowly (but I haven't any  great hopes of this).
9. I'd like you to keep quiet. (You're making so much noise that I can't think.)
10. I'm sorry that theatre tickets cost so much.
11. It's a pity that shops here shut on Saturday afternoon. 
12. It's a pity he didn't work harder during the term.
13. It's a pity you are going tonight.
14. It's a pity I haven't got a work permit.
15. I would like it to stop raining (but I'm not very hopeful).
16. I'd like you to wait for me (even though you are ready to start now).
17. I'm sorry I didn’t bring a map.
18. I'm sorry I left my last job.
19. I'm sorry I didn’t stay in my last job.
20. I'd like him to cut his hair (but I don't suppose he will).
21. I'd like him to stop smoking in bed (but I haven't any great hopes).
22. I'm sorry he goes to bed so late. 
23. I'm sorry I didn’t know you were coming.
24. I'm sorry you told Jack.
25. I'm sorry I didn’t ask the fishmonger to open these oysters. 
26. I'm sorry you aren’t coming with us.
27. I'm sorry you aren’t going to a job where you could use your English.
28. It's a pity you didn’t ask him how to get there.

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