Subjunctive Mood. It's time.

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Перефразируйте предложения, используя структуру it's time........:

Pattern: You ought to clean that flat. – It’s time you cleaned that flat.
1. She should get her hair cut.
2. We ought to have a holiday.
3. You need to cut the grass.
4.  You ought to wash that sweater.
5. You ought to stop smoking.
6. He ought to grow up.
7. We ought to paint the kitchen.
8. He needs a new car.
9. This team hasn’t won a match for ages.

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. It’s time she got her hair cut.
  2. It’s time we had a holiday.
  3. It’s time you had the grass cut.
  4. It’s time you washed that sweater
  5. It’s time you stopped smoking.
  6. It’s time he grew up.
  7. It’s time we painted the kitchen.
  8. It’s time he had a new car.
  9. It’s time the team won a match.

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