Subjunctive Mood. As if/as though.

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Откройте скобки, используя формы Subjunctive Mood после структур as if/as though:

Pattern: - Why do you always treat me as though I /to be/ a backward child of 12? – were.

1. She kept trying on hat after hat as if she /not to make up/ her mind from the very beginning which she would take.
2. He spoke French as if I/to be/ a Frenchman or /to spend/ most of my life over there.
3. She could discuss the latest novel as though she /to read/ it.
4. She spoke as if she /to know/ everyone there.
5. She behaved as if she /to graduate/ from the university long ago.
6. Nothing about Asbury stirred except his eyes. They did not appear to move on the surface but somewhere in their     blurred depths there was an almost imperceptible motion as if something (to  struggle) feebly.
7. Another and rather longer silence followed and he just started to wonder if this might even be one of disapproval, as if perhaps she instinctively (to sense) how far his relationship with Mrs. Palgrave might have gone, when he suddenly remembered that he had a question to ask her.
8. I felt a touch of coldness inside me, as if I suddenly (to become) aware of the eyes of some dangerous creature.

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