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Countries all over the world have superstitions which some people believe and others don't. Several superstitions are the same in many countries.
Many people avoid 1) walking/to walk under ladders, as this is believed to bring bad luck. Some people expect things 2) go/to go wrong on the thirteenth day of the month, particularly if it's a Friday. Some say you must never 3) put/to put up an umbrella inside the house or 4) to place/place a pair of new shoes on the table. In many places, it is considered unlucky 5) to see/seeing a black cat, while in others this is thought 6) to be/be a symbol of good luck. 7) Break/Breaking a mirror results in seven years of bad luck and if you spill salt, you must 8) to throw/ throw a pinch of it over your left shoulder immediately.
These are just a few superstitions which some people believe in. Do you know any more?

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