Артикль: A/The/-

нравится 14 не нравится

Дополните предложения артиклями a/an, the, --

1 Harold is ______ most obnoxious person I know.

2 Diana is ______ very nice person.

3 Last night we went out for ______ meal.

4 Tonight we are probably going to eat in ______ hotel restaurant and then get to bed early. I hate staying in hotels but it's part of the job.

5 I cannot remember if I saw that film on television or at ______ cinema.

6 Make sure you put your name at ______ end of the report.

7 I'm sure it won't be long before people are living and working in ______ space.

8 Have you already had ______ lunch?

9 I spoke to several people at the cocktail party. Was John ______ one with the red hair?

10 I'd like to invite him to ______ dinner next week, if that's OK with you.

11 Could you close ______ door, please? It's really cold.

12 We have got new offices near ______ centre of the city.

13 Have your new offices got ______ canteen?

14 For lunch I had a sandwich. I cannot remember what filling was in ______ sandwich.

15 When you come out the lift, you'll see two doors, ______ red one and ______ blue one. My door is ______ red one.

16 We need to do more for ______ poor.

17 The greatest invention of the 20th century is ______ computer.

18 I'm looking for ______ new job.

19 I saw ______ man going into the office. I don't know who ______ man was.

20 When you're ready, I'll take you to ______ airport.

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