As or like

нравится 18 не нравится

1.She sings ______ an angel.

2. I'm much better ______ you can see.

3. My sister is not at all ______ me.

4. My daughter is just ______ my sister.

5. I'm attending the meeting ______ an observe.

6. I use one of the bedrooms ______ an office.

7. You are very ______ your mother.

8. I hope to qualify ______ an engineer.

9. My friend Rob looks ______ John Travolta.

10. There is too much traffic in London ______ in New York.

11. We're late for the train. We'll have to run ______ the wind.

12. I'm your friend and, ______ a friend, I advise you to think again.

13. I don't know you as well as he does but, ______ your friend, I advise you to think again.

14. You don't like confrontations, ______ me.

15. I want to join the air force ______ a pilot.

16. We need a strong leader ______ Winston Churchill.

17. He has gone to our competitors ______ marketing manager.

18. I've appointed Simon Williams ______ the new trustee.

19. I've done the work ______ we agreed.

20. I was sure, ______ was everybody else, that you would do well in this job.

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