Participle II

нравится 9 не нравится

Choose the correct variant:

1. She enters, ______ by her mother.

a. accompanying

b. being accompanying

c. accompanied

2. ______ by the crash, he leapt to his feet.

a. Arousing

b. Have been aroused

c. Aroused

3. ______ about the bandits, he left his valuables at home.

a. Warned

b. Having been warned

c. Warning

4. ______ that they were trying to poison him, he refused to eat anything.

a. Convincing

b. Convinced

c. Convince

5. Tom, ______ at what he had done, could at first say nothing.

a. horrified

b. having horrified

c. horrifying

6. Jones and Smith came in, ______ by their wives.

a. followed

b. following

c. follow

d. have followed

7. ______ by the blow, Peter fell heavily.

a. Stunning

b. Stunned

c. Stun

8. The new job ______ to me lately seems to be very interesting.

a. offered

b. offering

c. has offered

9. She looked at the table. There was a loaf of brown bread ______ into two halves.

a. divides

b. dividing

c. divided

d. was divided

10. The animals ______ in the morning struggled furiously.

a. catched

b. caught

c. catching

11. The child ______ alone in the large room began screaming.

a. leaving

b. left

c. leaves

12. ______, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog up.

a. Bitten twice

b. Biting twice

c. Having been bitten twice

13. The centre of the cotton industry is Manchester ______ with Liverpool by a canal.

a. connecting

b. connected

14. The story ______ by the old captain made the young girl cry.

a. tells

b. told

c. is telling

15. He didn’t doubt that the information ______ by morning mail was of great interest to his competitors.

a. receiving

b. has received

c. received

16. The equipment ______ in the shop is rather sophisticated.

a. had installing

b. installing

c. installed

17. We’ve got a great variety of products, which are in great demand. Here are some samples ______ to our distributors last month.

a. sent

b. sanding

c. been sent

d. sended

18. The methods ______ in the building of the new metro stations proved to be efficient.

a. applies

b. applying

c. applied

d. applyed

19. She warmed uр the dinner that she ______ the day before.

a. cooking

b. had cooked

c. has cooked

20. ______ by successive storms, the bridge was no longer safe.

a. Having been weakened

b. Weakened

c. Weaking

d. Had weaked

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