Degrees of Comparison. Степени сравнения

нравится 19 не нравится

1. Their children are not well-behaved. Actually they are ..... children I’ve ever seen.

a. badly-behaved

b. worse-behaved

c. the worst-behaved

2. Leo drives a car well, but Collin does it ..... .

a. the best

b. better

c. as well

3. I think I am seriously ill. Today I feel ..... I felt yesterday.

a. worse

b. the worst

c. as bad as

4. Paul is very smart; in fact he is ..... boy among his classmates.

a. more intelligent

b. the most intelligent

c. as intelligent

5. They’ve got ..... money than they need.

a. less

b. the least

c. little

6. Let’s not go by train. Going by bus is ..... .

a. cheap

b. the most cheap

c. a lot cheaper

7. I like decent people ..... serious ones.

a. as much as

b. as more as

c. more

8. Philip is so quiet and obedient He is ..... child I have ever met.

a. well-behaved

b. the best-behaved

c. better-behaved

9. Jim is not very tall. His brother Alec is ..... .

a. as tall

b. taller

c. the tallest

10. I like skiing ..... as skating.

a. more

b. as much

c. as more

11. I have known Liz for years. She is ..... than her sister Jane.

a. far more serious

b. a bit serious

c. not so serious

12. Ben doesn’t work very hard; Bill works ..... .

a. the hardest

b. more harder

c. harder

13. The boys felt ..... than the girls about losing the game.

a. bad

b. the worst

c. worse

14. "This is ..... place to cross the street in," the policeman warned us.

a. more dangerous

b. the most dangerous

c. so dangerous

15. This is ..... story in this book. I liked it best of all.

a. more interesting

b. the most interesting

c. not so interesting

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