нравится 23 не нравится

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

As she rang the doorbell, Susan felt a mixture of fear and excitement. She (A1) ... for this moment for a long time yet she doubted if it was the right decision to go there and to ring the doorbell. She hoped no one (A2) ... to open the door. Susan was only four when she (AЗ) ... her father for the last time. Her mother (A4) ... about him and about the reason why he had left them. Susan had seen a few pictures of her father but she had never known what to feel towards him. Susan didn’t know what to expect from this meeting. She (A5) ... her father for more than twenty years. She (A6)... she should leave when the door opened. Susan couldn’t say anything but there was no need. A few seconds later they (A7) ... in each other’s arms and they stayed there for several long minutes.


1) had been waiting 2) has been waiting 3) was waited 4) had been waited


1) will come 2) would come 3) has come 4) comes


1) was seen 2) had been seen 3) had seen 4) saw


1) was never talked 2) had never talked 3) is never talked 4) is never talking


1) hadn’t seen 2) hasn’t seen 3) wasn’t seen 4) doesn’t see


1) just thinks 2) was just thought 3) has just thought 4) was just thinking


1) have been clasped 2) are clasped 3) were clasped 4) had been clasped

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