Tenses (The Internet)

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Many parents (1) ... that the Internet can be a useful source of information, but a lot of them (2) ... to their teenage children spending too much time online. They’ve been worrying lately that their children enjoy the Internet so much that they (3) ... their homework. Parents are even more concerned that children and teens (4) ... by the violent games they play online that they may become violent themselves. However, the Internet habits of approximately 800 teens have recently been studied by scientists, with some positive findings. It (5) ... that sites like Facebook, playing online games, and surfing the Internet may actually play an important role in a teenager’s development. The study (6) ... that US teens who were particularly interested in Japanese cartoons, for example, (7) ... up the Japanese language through online discussion groups. In addition, some teens became interested in making videos.


1) had been agreed 2) agree 3) had agreed 4) were agreed


1) are objected 2) object 3) have been objected 4) will be objected


1) are neglected 2) were neglected 3) will neglect 4) have been neglected


1) so deeply affect 2) have so deeply affected 3) will be so deeply affected 4) will so deeply affect


1) had found 2) was found , 3) finds 4) is finding


1) is shown 2) has been shown 3) was shown 4) has shown


1) picked 2) were picked 3) have been picking 4) had been picked

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